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Try the Soultouch Scalp Massager with a 90-day money back guarantee!

First, congratulations on purchasing your new Soultouch Scalp Massager. 

Here at Soultouch™ we understand it is hard to trust a product which sounds too good to be true. That's why our Scalp Massager comes with a 1-year warranty and a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee*.

How to claim your money back:

1. To be eligible for a refund, you must have ordered your Scalp Massager on our official website: www.soultouchmassager.com 

2. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) must be requested from our customer service team within 90 days of the date on which you purchased the Product.

3. To request an RMA, you must contact our customer service team via our website at www.soultouchmassager.com or via email addressed to support@soultouchmassager.com.

4. Soultouch™ may require that you furnish proof of purchase details and video footage to obtain an RMA.

5. Returned Product must be in good physical condition (not physically broken or damaged), in either its original packaging or packaging providing an equal degree of protection. Please ensure that any previous shipping labels or other markings have been removed or covered completely.


Additional terms and conditions:

1. You shall assume all risk of loss or damage to the Product while in transit to Soultouch. If you return a Product to Soultouch without all parts included in the original package, Soultouch retains the right to either (1) refuse delivery of such return or (2) deduct from the refund paid to you a restocking fee equal to the higher of (i) fifteen (15) percent of the original price of the Product or (ii) the retail value of the missing parts.

2. Refunds will be processed and paid within 2 weeks of Soultouch’s receipt of the Product.

3. Refunds will be reimbursed in the original form of purchase.


Warranty Policy

What This Warranty Covers: Commencing with the date of purchase of the Product and continuing for a period of one year, if manufacturing defects in the Product cause the Product to not operate properly for its intended use, then subject to the exclusions, conditions, and limitations contained herein, Soultouch at its sole option will repair or replace the Product.


*Our Scalp Massager comes with 1-year warranty, based on the date of your proof of purchase. Soultouch is not responsible for lost or damaged packages.